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Polaris Compression Connectors are the professional solution for streamlining electrical installations and ensuring optimal performance inside panels, enclosures and other confined spaces.

  • Permanent connections
  • Vibration-resistant
  • Low contact resistance
  • No special tools 

Terminate with confidence using Polaris lugs. Suitable for a wide range of applications, including power distribution, grounding and data transmission. We also carry splices for making quick in-line connections and flexible tap connectors for data centers and other applications.

Compression Connectors Brochure


Compression Lugs

Polaris compression lugs set the standard for professional quality. Our lugs are designed for power distribution, data transmission and grounding, with innovative design features that don’t just make connections faster—they also make connections better. Each connector is clearly color-coded and can be affixed with any standard crimp tool.

Compression Lugs Cross Reference

Compression Lugs Product Sheet

Polaris Flex Rated Compression Connector Details

Compression Pins, Splices & Taps

Splicing conductors are the professional’s choice for making quick in-line connections and repairing damaged wiring. We carry the full line of aluminum and copper splice connectors, as well as effortless pin terminals that bond to set screws and flexible tap connectors with adjustable spacers.

Compression Pins, Splices and Taps Cross Reference

Compression Pins, Splices and Taps Product Sheet

Installation Instructions

Installing Polaris Compression solutions is a simple process, requiring only a UL-rated crimp tool and wire stripping equipment. To simplify your workday, we’ve ensured that all our connectors are UL-listed for use with most major crimp tools, making the transition to Polaris easier than ever.

Pin Terminals

Aluminum Compression Connectors

Copper Compression Connectors

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