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We make connections. We blaze new trails. We are servant leaders intent on helping others advance. Distributors, tradespeople, business owners: we are here for you, no matter what.

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NSI is committed to connecting distributors to the industry-leading products, services, and technologies that will help them advance and succeed. If you’re a distributor, you’re in the right place to learn more about working with NSI.

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If you’re a distributor and want to partner with us or just have some questions, click here to connect with a sales representative.

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Electrical, HVAC, or Network Infrastructure professionals, click here to access product, service, or market information or support.

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If you’re thinking of becoming an NSI distributor and want to read about our current distributors and their case studies, click here.

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NSI offers support across all markets – residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal. To learn more click here.

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At NSI, we’re trailblazers. We’re intent on finding the newest and best ways to advance distributors and the HVAC, Electrical, and Network Infrastructure industries. From digital expertise to new products for safer installations, we’re leading our distributors and our team to be smarter, stronger, and better.

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