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At NSI, we understand the importance of renewable energy to America’s future. We provide a full suite of Balance of System products to help make every solar installation productive and profitable.

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Seize the day with nsi solar components

NSI carries the widest variety of Balance Of System (BOS) products from trusted brands with over 250 combined years of engineering experience.

All built to meet NEC and NFPA standards, offering raintight protection for any solar install.

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Our Solar Offerings

Liquidtight Fittings

Liquidtight fittings from Bridgeport and Remke join conduit, enclosures, combiner boxes and more, making secure weatherproof seals that exceed code requirements. We carry a full range of sizes, lengths, and metallic/non-metallic options.

Grounding and Bonding

A full line of grounding and bonding solutions for every step along the BOS chain, including our legendary Bridgeport grounding locknuts, split bushings, mechanical connectors and couplings, clamps, c taps and grounding bridges and bars.

Conduit Bodies

We carry many shapes and sizes of conduit bodies designed to allow access to the interior of a conduit system for pulling, maintenance or inspection. Offering includes Types LB, C, LL, LR, LLR and T.


Straps designed for EMT or Rigid/IMC Conduit are a critical part of keeping an installation neat, and are available from NSI in a range of universal sizes and mounting options.

Mechanical Connectors

Mechanical connectors from NSI and Polaris provide a reliable way to form a bonded system, joining conductors in a compact space. Available in pre-insulated or uninsulated versions, for a variety or wire sizes and types.

Cable Tools

A good tool does more than save time—it improves the quality of the final installation and makes the job easier for the professional in the process. Cable tools from NSI brands simplify the process of working with solar power cables.

Wire Management

An organized workspace is a safe, code-compliant workspace, in addition to being a point of pride for the installer. Wire management options like cable ties, straps and clamps help keep a solar install tidy.

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