Cord Grip Strain Relief

Cord Grips, also known as Cable Glands, or Strain Relief Connectors provide pull-out protection for cables entering a termination point while keeping out dust and moisture.

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Cord Grip Connector Materials

Aluminum Cord Grips

Aluminun is a lightweight affordable material that is able to withstand lightly corrosive environments and is one of the most common cord grip materials

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Stainless Steel Cord Grips

Stainless steel is available in type 304 and type 316 and is tough enough for more corrosive environments and perfect for areas with frequent washdowns.

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Steel Cord Grips

Steel Cord Grips have a Zinc finish for light corrosion resistance and are suitable for low moisture environments with low exposure to corrosive elements.

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Non-Metallic Cord Grips

Often referred to as plastic cord grips, or dome cap, or skintop cable glands, non-metallic cord grips come in a wide variety. Available in non-hydroscopic materials.

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Thread Type & Bushing Options

Strain Relief is needed across many industries and applications. We have cord grip strain relief connectors with a variety of thread types: NPT, PG, and Metric (ISO) to meet any needs. Available in sizes from 1/4″ – 4″ NPT, M16 – M63, and PG7 – PG42

The standard bushings included in the connectors have 1 hole and are neoprene. Optionally, there are multiple hole bushings to support multiple wires/cables passing through & silicone bushings for high-temperature applications.

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additional Strain Relief Mesh

Stainless Steel Cord Grip Connector with Strain Relief Mesh

Some applications require additional strain relief mesh to provide additional strain relief and protection against cable flexing.

These cord grips are often referred to by the slang term “deluxe cord grips” or just “strain relief grips”.

Strain relief wire mesh is available for cord grips in sizes from 3/8″ – 3″ NPT, in Metric from M16 – M50, and in PG thread from PG9 – PG42.

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Types of Cord Grips

Straight Cord Grips

Straight cord grips are available with and without additional strain relief mesh, and in thread sizes from 1/4″ NPT to 4″ NPT.

Straight Connectors

45 Degree Cord Grips

45 Degree cord grips are somewhat less common, but still needed for certain applications and are available in sizes 1/2″ NPT to 1 1/2″ NPT.

45 Degree Connectors

90 Degree Cord Grips

90 Degree cord grips are also less common, but can be the perfect fit, especially when terminating power to machinery on the plant floor.

90 Degree Connectors

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